Sunday, June 3, 2012

Time Trial Results, Birdeye

Brandon Boger at the turn around...the only one without a helmet!

That's Whit chasing the winners of the
time trial...Chloe, Whit and Stella did a great
job of cheering on the starters and welcoming
the finishers back to the Birdeye Store

The timing tent...

Here's Beth at the turn around...
see the traffic on the road...

The BBC after the event...Stella, Becca Jackson, Stan & Beth Bradshaw, Martin & Kara Smith, Cecelia Killough, Whit,Beth Huff, Chloe, me & Jackie, Chuck Blanton, Kyle Killough,
Neall and Sol Jackson, Mark Pierce and his wife and Tony Watts
The winners, a shout out for them riding down from Jonesboro, doing the 24 miles then riding back, that would be about 94 miles today. And they are, drum roll please....Richard Eagen & Andy Shatley, and I am assuming these other 2 are their support team members that I do not have any names on.....
Sunday, June 3, 2012

Well a giant shout out to the Birdeye Bicycle Club for pulling off its first annual (there is talk of a "next year") Birdeye Time Trial.  We had 9 preregistered and 2 day of event registrations.  Thanks to Gearhead Cycle House for sponsoring the event and bringing some boys to participate!  I cannot tell you all how much we appreciated the Cross County Sheriff and Poinsett County Sheriff for both sending officers on the course to slow traffic and make today a safe event, Chuck Blanton and Jackie for doing the timing, Kyle for suggesting this idea for an event, Cecilia for doing the registration, Neall and Becca for getting the keg, Beth Huff for helping me mark the course and Kara for handling the Birdeye Store.  It was a great event and we were excited to have the timing of the event down.  There is talk of a next year.  What's interesting is our winners, who were told they would get prize money, $50-1st, $35-2nd and $20-3rd, left the money in the hat for a next year....Here are the results:

1st Place: Richard Eagen, 1:00:04
2nd: Andy Shatley, 1:02:14
3rd and our own: Kyle Killough, 1:08:34
4th: Jason Braodaway, 1:10:29
5th: Tony Watts, 1:12:39
6th: Martin Smith, 1:15:50
7th: Mark Pierce, 1:21:59
8th: Stan Bradshaw, 1:23:11
9th: Brandon Boger, 1:24:13

Women and 2 founding members of the BBC:
1st place: Kara Smith, 1:26:32
2nd place: Beth Bradshaw, 1:33:20

Ghost River Red keg.....
And a thanks to the Birdeye Store for opening on a Sunday and supporting our event! -Keeli

Monday, May 28, 2012

Timing, Birdeye

The BBC that rolled out today!  Kyle, me, Johnny & Beverly
Edwards, Jackie, Chuck and Lisa Blanton and Kara and Martin Smith
Notice my turn around barrel and cones for the Lake Poinsett
State Park...A shout out to Beth Huff who is helping me mark the
course with caution signs and riding with me to the park to mark the
turn around jersey's....

After we got it set at the store we, or most of them, did the
Time Trial is rolling hills and will be hot and humid,
keep this in mind and have your Gatorade and shot blocks
on your bike...

We have two adoptable dogs at the Birdeye Store, this is
Magic, a heartworm negative, 3 yr old German Shorthair
Pointer, who is great with kids, house trained
and great with other dogs...

Junior is a mix of some type that is being leash trained and is
also great with kids and other dogs, around 12 weeks old.
Monday, May 28, 2012

Hi ya'll!  Members of the BBC practiced timing today to iron it out for our first ever Time Trial.  It was a hot 16 mile bike ride for me, the rest did 24 miles on our course for this Sunday's event.

Keep in mind you can enter this race up until June 1st for $10, the day of the event the fee is $15.

Fire up people and see you there on Sunday!  Plan on post ride eats and fun at the Birdeye Store. -Keeli  My email is if ya'll have any questions!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Gearhead Logo

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm thankful for my bike shop Gearhead Cycle House, who is sponsoring our bibs for the event.  Thanks Jason and Ted and everyone at Gearhead in Jonesboro!  Ya'll rock!


Your Race Directors
Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Register at the link below by Friday, June 1 at midnight to avoid higher fees at event day.  Online registration ends the same day.
-It's $10 to register, no t-shirt, not sanctioned and it's not professionally timed.
-Day of event $15 registration fee
-Our Birdeye Bicycling Club will time the event.  Don't like how we do it, we don't care!  We will do our best to make it accurate!
-Mail entries and checks payable to Keeli Smith, 4290 Hwy 42, Birdeye, Ark., 72324.
-Download the registration form on and mail in your non-refundable entry fee by the deadline.
-Event day registration starts at 8 am on Sunday, June 3, 2012 at the Birdeye Store and is $15.00, checks or cash ONLY on event day.
-The Cross County Sheriff and Poinsett County Sheriff's will be on the course to help with traffic.  The course is open to traffic.  It is on a Sunday morning at 9 am so we anticipate small traffic levels.  There will be many signs at intersections along the course to alarm motorists about the event.
-A signed waiver must be signed by all registrants.  No waiver, you cannot participate, no exceptions.
-No refunds, no transfers of entry fees.
-Use sensibility while on the course.  There are 2 SHARP right turns and caution is advised.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Here's a map of the route scheduled for Sunday, June 3, 2012 at 9 am.